Admissions FAQs

The purpose of Heritage Christian Academy is to provide a Christ-centered, quality education which will equip God's children to function as Christians in society, church and home. Our heritage and governance are closely tied to the Reformed faith; our current enrollment includes families from over forty different area churches.

For more details on the foundational beliefs we hold, review our Statement of Faith.

As a Christian school, HCA exists to assist Christian families in the discipleship of their children.  At least one parent must be a professing Christian and sign the Statement of Faith, which outlines the school’s evangelical doctrinal commitment.  Applications include a church form for pastoral confirmation of membership or its equivalent.  At least one parent must be a member of a local, evangelical church, with regular attendance.  Returning families are required to provide church membership information upon re-enrollment.

Enrollment in HCA is open to all children entering grades K-12 whose parents desire a Christian education for them. Prospective Kindergarten students should be five on or before September 1 of the year they wish to enroll; readiness testing is required for children with birthdays in May through August.  No student will be denied admission to HCA on the basis of race, color, sex, or national origin. Parents desiring to enroll their children at Heritage Christian Academy agree to the following admission requirements.

Please click here for Admission Guidelines.

Every effort is made by the HCA School Board to keep tuition at an affordable level. Heritage Christian Academy charges a per family annual registration fee (currently $500.00), which should accompany the application for admission. Multi-student discounts are built into the tuition chart (see link below).

Families may choose one of these payment plans:

  • One Annual Payment – Full amount due August 1 (3% discount if paid in full)
  • Two Bi-Annual Payments – Two equal payments due July 9 and January 9
  • 12 Monthly Payments* – 12 equal payments automatically withdrawn monthly on the ninth of each month beginning in July and continuing through June
  • 10 Monthly Payments* – 10 equal payments automatically withdrawn monthly on the ninth of each month beginning in July and continuing through April

View the 2018–2019 Tuition Schedule

Financial aid is need-based and can be up to half of a family’s tuition costs (fees are not included in financial aid).  Each family’s set of financial circumstances is unique. The most helpful guideline comes from your own knowledge of your family’s finances. A good rule of thumb is: if in doubt, apply. So many factors are considered that there is no workable “filter” for determining in advance who might receive financial aid.  Click here to apply for financial aid via F.A.S.T.

All financial aid is awarded on the basis of a family’s ability to pay.