Admission Guidelines

We know that selecting the best school for your child is a difficult task. And if you have more than one child, finding the school that serves each of them well requires careful consideration. Serving entire families is our specialty. We are committed to each of our students, with their varied gifts and needs, and to providing an education that offers each student an opportunity to become the Christ follower that God desires.

When you are ready to apply for admission, we will walk you through the process. Open enrollment begins on February 1st; returning families may enroll beginning January 1st.

  1. Prepare the Application

    • Thoroughly complete an HCA application for oldest student.
    • Thoroughly complete abbreviated sibling applications for each additional student.
  2. Organize Necessary Paperwork

    The following documents must be submitted to the central office before the parent interview with the principal is scheduled:

    FAMILY FORMS(Complete one form for the entire family)
    • Statement of Faith – At least one parent must agree and sign the statement.
    • Church Reference – Your church pastor/youth pastor must complete this form and fax or mail it to the central office.
    • Emergency Number & Release Form

    STUDENT FORMS(Complete one form for each student)
    • Request for Confidential Records
    • School Reference – Your child’s current or most recent classroom teacher or principal must complete this form and fax or mail it to the central office (East Campus).
    • Health Forms – There is a form for parents to complete and also a form for the student’s physician to complete, which includes immunization records. Both must be completed and signed. It is not necessary to schedule an additional appointment or physical; most medical offices will complete these forms free of charge for regular patients.
  3. Submit the Application

    • Attach the  non-refundable application fee to the completed application(s).
    • Mail or return the application(s) to the central office (East Campus).
  4. Parent Interview

    • The appropriate principal will call you to set up a parent interview.
      K-6 – Kathy Sievert, Elementary School Principal
      7-12 – Rick Jarvis, Dean of Faculty & Curriculum

    • If Kindergarten readiness testing is necessary (required for students with May or summer birthdays); the interview will take place after the student has been assessed.

Our doors are open and it is our pleasure to answer any and all of your questions while you prayerfully consider what a Heritage education has to offer.

Thank you for letting us share in this process. We look forward to meeting you!