Elementary Athletics

Heritage Christian Academy is blessed to be able to offer students interscholastic athletic program for 5th – 6th graders through the Crossroads Conference. This is possible because of the level of participation by students and the high involvement of parent volunteers. There are many benefits in being involved in athletics including good health, social interaction, self-confidence, and personal accomplishment. Our goal is to honor Christ in both learning the skills and in both winning and losing.

Our athletic program is geared toward teaching the basics of each sport. As the athletes advance in their skills, our goal is to review the basics and increase the athletes’ ability to perform them. Since elementary students are just beginning interscholastic athletics, we want them to have a strong grasp of the fundamentals. At this level, we give ample opportunity for experience and players will be grouped in compatible teams. Although not guaranteed, every effort will be made to get each team member equal playing time in each game. A high priority will be placed on all players’ development in practice, with some emphasis on game development.

The following is a list of team sports provided at the elementary level:

  • Boys Sports – Soccer*, Basketball, Track*
  • Girls Sports – Volleyball, Basketball, Track*, Soccer*
* Soccer and track are offered only to sixth graders competing on the junior high team.