Curriculum and Philosophy

Heritage Christian Academy is a place where children are equipped to stand firm in their faith, face the challenges of our age, and bring about godly solutions in our world. We must teach our children how to live out those solutions in their personal lives and how to think through for themselves the biblical response to every situation.

Our curriculum teaches the fundamentals of each subject and gives students a solid foundation upon which they can build more advanced skills. It also provides the skill bank which students draw from in expressing their creativity. An additional feature of our instruction is consistency throughout the grades. These elements are by design. Student progress is measured by clear objectives for every area of study and for each grade. Our teachers are diligent in reporting that progress through academic report cards, telephone conferences, progress reports, parent-teacher conferences and newsletters. Our approach to curriculum and instruction has resulted in high test scores and students that are successful and enthusiastic about learning.

In Language Arts we use traditional phonics-based techniques and include components of reading, grammar, vocabulary, spelling and penmanship. Mathematics is taught with a problem-solving curriculum and science emphasizes “hands on” experiments, with social studies offered, as well. Our Bible curriculum is a story-based chronological approach; the curriculum is designed to foster spiritual growth and lead the students through the Bible systematically throughout their elementary education.

In addition to academic excellence, developing a strong Christian worldview is a central goal of the education process at Heritage Christian Academy. Our students are encouraged to integrate their faith into every aspect of their lives. Chapel is conducted weekly by Redeemer’s pastoral staff. We do not seek to hide from the world, but rather teach our children how to deal with the challenges of this world armed with the truth of God’s Word.

Music, Art, Spanish, Physical Education and Computer are offered weekly, beginning in Kindergarten. Our Library and Media Center offer opportunities for our students to enjoy and check out books and become familiar with methods to access information and conduct research. Field trips explore historical, government and nature sites as well as theater and art venues.

Classes begin at 8:15 AM and end at 3:20 PM.

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