Heritage Christian Academy Kindergarten students are viewed as God’s children, created in His image to be molded, developed and encouraged to use their talents and gifts for a life of responsible Christian service.

Our Kindergarten environment nurtures a love of learning and allows each child to experience God’s love as they express themselves academically, emotionally and spiritually. Our small class sizes allow for students’ individual needs to be met.

HCA offers an All-Day Kindergarten program. We consider Kindergarten a pivotal year in the life of a child. The subjects which receive the greatest attention in our program are Bible, Reading and Math. Other subjects taught include Social Studies, Science, Art, Music, Phys. Ed. and Library/Computer. Your Kindergarten student will also have the opportunity to participate in weekly Chapel services with the rest of the student body (one of the highlights of our week, without a doubt).

Students must be 5 years old by August 30th to enroll in Kindergarten. Children with May, June, July or August birth dates will be administered a Kindergarten readiness test by one of our experienced Kindergarten teachers to ensure they are at the appropriate level to succeed in our program.

God's Wonders

The Bible is foundational to a Christian education and is integrated into every subject our students study. We use the Walking with God and His People curriculum, which presents the story of God and His people in chronological order, teaching the events in context so students understand more fully what it means to be part of God’s family. Students are introduced to the remarkable works of God on behalf of His people and the stories of Jesus’ life, death, resurrection and ascension. This curriculum immerses students in God's Story and includes regular Scripture memorization.

Reading Excellence

Heritage utilizes the highly effective Saxon reading and language curriculum. This curriculum delivers structured, sequential, hands-on instruction in phonological awareness, handwriting and beginning phonics skills. Each lesson includes rhyming, segmentation, phoneme/grapheme relationships and dictation.

Hands-on Math

The Saxon Math program is used throughout the elementary school, beginning in PreK. Saxon emphasizes manipulatives and mental mathematics and is designed with a multi-sensory approach to learning, enabling children to develop a solid foundation in the language and basic concepts of mathematics. Each year’s skills build on prior learning. In Saxon Math K, new learning is presented in increments with time in between for practice. Mathematical strands are integrated throughout the year rather than taught in isolated units. Saxon Math purposely progresses at a pace that allows children to develop competence and confidence.

Additional Enrichment

All Day Kindergarten includes Delta Science Modules—a hands-on approach to science—and Nystrom Social Studies. All Kindergarten students also have the opportunity to explore their special interests through Library/Computer time, Phys. Ed., Music, Spanish and field trips. 
  • Library: Students learn their way around the library and enjoy story time with our librarian. It is our desire and goal to pique your child's interest in books and reading as part of our effort to cultivate a lifelong love of learning.
  • Computers: Students learn basic computer skills and play various educational games to reinforce previous lessons.
  • Physical Education: Includes both individual physical skill development and team sports, either indoors or outdoors thoughout the school year.
  • Music: Provides musical skills and history for students as well as an opportunity to perform in our Christmas program in December.
  • Art: Students learn basic visual art skills upon which they will build in future years.
  • Spanish: Introduces students to this important language and its culture.
  • Field trips: Broaden students’ knowledge about the world around them.  

If you have questions or would like more information, please do not hesitate to call our office or send us an emailIt would be our pleasure to introduce you to our Kindergarten program and the community of students, parents and teachers that will make Heritage Christian Academy a special place for your child and family.

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