"Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, the people he has chosen as His heritage!"
– Psalm 33:1

Because a school’s name is its identity, much thought went into the selection process. Our name helps create a unified school community and reflects who we are and what we believe. We believe our children are a heritage from the Lord and we wish to project the rich local heritage of faith from the churches that established Berean and Westminster schools. For a more in-depth look at our name, please read “What’s in the Name, Heritage?”

No; at least 40 different churches are represented in our student body. However, at least one parent must be a believer and attend church regularly. The application requires a recommendation from your pastor, as well. To further acquaint yourself with the beliefs held by our school, we suggest you review the Westminster Confession of Faith, which is a topically-organized system of all theological doctrines—complete with Scriptural references—found in the Bible. The children’s version of these beliefs is found in the Westminster Shorter Catechism, a series of questions and answer for young ones to memorize.

The governance structure of HCA includes elementary, junior high and high school principals, as well as a school president who reports to a school board that operates as a ministry under the oversight of the elder board of the Redeemer Presbyterian Church.

The average class at HCA varies, depending on the grade level.  Kindergarten classes of more than 15 students will have an aide.  Grades 1-3 are between 15-20 students per class.  Grades 4-6 are capped at 22 students.  Junior and senior classes generally have 15-25 students, depending on the class.

There are many ways for parents to serve the school and their child’s teachers. Besides various parent committees to join, there are various needs that arise throughout the school year. Please check out the HCA Community tab for more opportunities. If you have particular gifts and skills, we are always interested in hearing about them. We always covet your prayers for our school, our students and our staff.

Every fall, the elementary school hosts a Grandparents’ Day. Grandparents can see the classrooms and meet the teachers of their grandchildren, as well as get a feel for their grandchild’s school day. This event coincides with the Fall Auction, Heritage Christian Academy’s biggest fundraising event. Extended family members are encouraged to attend this fun and festive evening, as well as other events on the school calendar, such as the Christmas and spring programs. Grandparents and other family can also help financially. There are a number of giving options, but careful planning and thoughtful timing can increase the benefits of your gift.

Heritage Christian Academy’s tuition is lower than most private schools in the area and is very competitive with other Christian schools in the area.

Yes, there are three ways to pay tuition. You can pay the full amount at the beginning of the year and receive a three percent discount, you can pay in two installments (June and January) and you can have a monthly amount automatically withdrawn from your checking account.

Whenever possible, the school endeavors to assist families who wish their children to receive a Christian education by offering need-based financial aid, up to 60 percent. We encourage families to seek additional assistance from their family and their church.

Heritage Christian Academy uses a variety of curricula from both Christian and secular publishers. Our curriculum is regularly reviewed to ensure it is meeting the students’ needs. To view a listing of all curricula taught in our school, please go to our academics tab.

Heritage Christian Academy uses the following standardized tests:

  • Terra Nova - Grades 3-11
  • Explore Test (ACT) - Grades 7&8
  • PLAN Test (ACT) - Grades 9&10
  • PSAT - Grades 10&11

Heritage Christian Academy is a member of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), an organization which currently serves 5,300 member schools in approximately 100 countries with an enrollment of nearly 1.2 million students. Programs and services are designed to assist Christian schools at every grade level, including early education and higher education.

The aim of the dress code is to develop a sense of community among the student body and enable children to focus more on studies, not judge people by external means. It is also more practical and economical. Studies have shown that parents spend less money, and children do better academically when a dress code policy is adopted. Please see specific school programs for details regarding their dress code.

HCA uses RenWeb as our school and data management system. RenWeb is a web-based system that serves as the primary means of communication for parents and students. Families log on in order to view school news and information, class schedules, grades and attendance records. HCA continues to use campus newsletters, regular email announcements and teacher newsletters to ensure all avenues of communication are covered.