From the Desk of Rick Lukianuk
HCA Chief Administrator

These commandments I give you today are to be upon your hearts. Impress them on your children…tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them on your foreheads. Write them on the doorframes of your houses and on your gates.
– Deuteronomy 6:6-10

Welcome to the Heritage Christian Academy website. Whether you are here to research our school, find out what is going on throughout our two campuses or just to try and understand a little more about Christian education and its integral place in the growth, development and life long impact on the life our students, we are thrilled at the opportunity to provide you with pertinent, useful information and serve you in any way that we can.

The magnitude of time, resources, focus and effort that will be put into the schooling of your child is staggering. The Christian faith also makes it clear that it is the primary duty of every Christian parent to properly rear, educate and love their child; to raise each of their children with the knowledge of the Lord and the tools to identify and fulfill God’s purpose in each of their lives. That is a high calling and a daunting task for each parent in this 21st century world of constant technological change, global complexities and quickly shifting cultural perceptions.

We are here at HCA to partner with you on this family journey. As outlined in Deuteronomy 6 we are here to help write God’s commands on the hearts of our children, so that they will choose what is right, not merely know what is right; so that their hearts and heads are always connected when making choices. We are here to partner with you in writing God’s commands on our foreheads so that your children will see adult Christian role models in all of their classes throughout the day, not just at home, and so your children will receive answers to their questions that help them to understand the world that God has created around them and their specific purposes in it. We are here at HCA to partner with you in writing God’s commands around the doorframes of our homes: the “doorframes’ that are now the edges of the video screens of every TV, computer, iPad, cell phone, and other device that brings a distorted worldview to our children. It is our goal to help you place God’s wisdom between your child’s vision and those screens and it is the calling of each and every staff member here at HCA to be a teacher, mentor and Christian role model to each student under their care.

Please look around our website and read as much as you would like. Better yet, please contact me or anyone else at the HCA offices to find out about our school. The best way to do that is to experience what a special place it is by visiting and seeing for yourself how God’s commands are written on hearts, heads and doorframes throughout our two campuses.

In His Service,

Rick Lukianuk
Chief Administrator