Honors / Dual Credit


Honors courses are developed locally by high school teachers to help meet the needs of accelerated students. Honors classes offer the same curriculum that non-honors classes offer but are more challenging. Honors courses are faster paced and cover topics more in-depth. They may also require the student to interact with the material studied in a more advanced fashion. However, these classes are not usually considered to be equivalent to college-level work, which is why they will not result in college credit. Students may choose honors level work in Geometry, Algebra 2, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, US History, World History, World Literature, US Literature, English Literature and Spanish.

Dual Credit Courses

Dual credit courses are courses that are offered in cooperation with a college or university and earn credit college credit from that institution. These are essentially college classes taught either at the high campus or at the institution. In most cases, the teacher of these classes must meet the qualifications for a teacher at that college or university. Currently, HCA offers dual credit courses in Calculus, PreCalculus, College Physics and English Composition (through MidAmerica Nazarene University) and Worldviews – Understanding the Times (through Bryan College).