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2018 senior mission trip group shot

Serving Christ in the Bahamas: Reflections on the 2018 Senior Mission Trip

“I never knew serving God could be this much fun.” That was the response of one of the students on the first senior mission trip I was privileged to attend, back in 2003, while serving as principal of Berean Christian School (which merged with Westminster Christian Academy in 2010 to form Heritage Christian Academy). Since then, I’ve participated in three more such trips, and each time I’ve witnessed with gratitude the joy that comes from serving God together. 2018 in the Bahamas was no different.

My wife and I accompanied the HCA Class of 2018 to Nassau, Bahamas to serve with Praying Pelican Missions and Mission Baptist Church. This is a church in a poor section of Nassau that serves both Bahamians and Haitian refugees. We celebrated the church’s 77th anniversary on Sunday, hosted a New Year’s Camp for children during the week, delivered food to the homes of needy families and prayed together with those families, served the community through beach clean up, and more.

During the week, I was reminded anew that, no matter the culture in which we find ourselves, we are more alike than we are different. The socio-economic status, cultural norms, historical heritage, and traffic (!) could not have been more different. The church services we attended were certainly different than our norm in Johnson County. Yet in the final analysis, we worship and serve the same Lord and share the same sinful condition and the same Savior who offers His life as a substitute for ours. It has been well said, “The ground is level at the foot of the cross.” We are truly one in Christ (Gal. 3:26–28).

What a joy it was to see the Class of 2018 demonstrating true servant leadership as they served shoulder-to-shoulder, supporting, encouraging and loving one another after the command and example of Christ (John 13:34–35). The class was faithful in sharing the gospel and love of Jesus at every opportunity. The testimony of the Praying Pelican staff was that we will never know the encouragement our presence was to the their staff, the church, and the surrounding community. I’m so thankful for the privilege I had to be a part of this trip.



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