Why Chapel?

One of the many benefits of a Christian school is the opportunity for corporate worship through a weekly chapel service. This is an opportunity for students, teachers, and administrators to gather together for a time of worship. There are usually many churches and styles of worship represented in a Christian school. However, when analyzing what worship entails, including a Christian school chapel service, some common elements should always be present.
Here at HCA, our chapel service always includes five vital elements:

  • Call to Worship – A passage of Scripture is read to remind all in attendance that we are entering God’s presence and are at His throne.
  • Singing – There are several praise songs and hymns throughout the service which allows the worshipers to praise God and express thankfulness to Him.
  • Confession of Sin – There is a time for corporate and individual confession of sin followed by Scripture that reminds us that our sins are forgiven through Christ.
  • Preaching of the Word – We rotate through various pastors, administrators, and teachers who teach faithfully from Scripture.
  • Benediction/Closing – The service is closed with a blessing, again from Scripture, from the leader to the worshipers.

Chapel is not used for outside speakers or special presentations. While these are good opportunities for students to hear and experience, and occasionally do happen at HCA (albeit at a at different time in the week from our regular chapel), chapel is reserved for corporate worship. This protection of chapel ensures that the entire campus is worshiping God and enjoying fellowship with Him and with one another.
I encourage all of our HCA parents, grandparents, and friends to make an effort to visit chapel at any time and be fed at God’s table through His Word.

Who We Are in the Christian School Community:
Heritage Christian Academy is a Pre-K through 12th grade Christian school with campuses in both Olathe and Overland Park, Kansas.  We realize that there are many good options in Olathe/Overland Park for Christian school education.  But, as the above post articulates, we are passionate about not only providing a quality education for our students, and but also grounding them weekly in the unchangeable Word of God.

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