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Educational Philosophy & Methodology

What is unique about HCA’s educational approach?

Heritage Christian Academy has a distinctive educational philosophy and methodology, which we believe is well summarized by our tagline: Gospel-centered education for life. This approach is more holistic in vision and scope, and more integrative in practice, than the predominant models of education available in our culture today.

A Heritage Christian education is holistic

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We aim to teach the whole truth.

We approach everything we do from a Christ-centered, gospel-oriented perspective. Every person and every institution approaches things from a point of reference. Our point of reference is the reality of the eternal, uncreated, triune God revealed in Holy Scripture as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, who created all things, sustains all things, and is restoring all things to their intended purpose through the one and only Savior, Jesus Christ. (Read our full statement of faith here.)

This means not only that we teach the Bible systematically, but also that we teach every subject through the lens of a biblical worldview. In other words, our students learn to see and engage with every aspect of life and subject of study in a way that respects God’s creative intentions and redemptive purposes.

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We aim at shaping the whole student for the whole of life.

An HCA education is a complete and coherent education. People are integrated beings with a soul, created by God with a deep awareness of Him and a deep need for relationship with Him. Moreover, a rightly-oriented relationship with God enables us to relate rightly to others and the world around us. An education that ignores or obscures this reality deprives students of an essential aspect of learning and growth.

In addition to our excellent academic program, we are privileged to offer numerous co-curricular opportunities including fine arts, athletics, STEM and more. We do so not only to provide opportunities for diversely gifted students to develop their interests, but also because we know that learning that engages the whole brain boosts student competencies in every area of academics and of life

Whatever your student’s God-given interests, inclinations and strengths are, there is opportunity for them to flourish at HCA.

A Heritage Christian education is integrative

We approach our mission from the perspective that all things belong and matter to God and find their rightful place in relation to Him. Therefore, we do not distinguish between the often contrasted realms of sacred and secular. Rather we approach every aspect of the educational experience, from curriculum to staffing to methodology to co-curricular activities, as sacred realms and endeavors which matter greatly to God and about which He has much to teach us through our study of the Scriptures and the world He purposely designed and created. As a result, we pursue an interdisciplinary approach which integrates myriad skills, subjects and activities. Moreover, the teaching of spiritual (foundational/ultimate/metaphysical) truth and biblically-based morality and ethics is a natural and essential part of everything we do.

In contrast to non-Christian schools, we supplement and reinforce the discipleship efforts of parents and the local church, providing clarity and consistency in matters of utmost importance during a person’s most formative years.

Supportive Practices

To ensure that we remain faithful to our mission and core beliefs, we place a high priority on employing teachers who have a personal relationship with Christ and are accountable to a local, evangelical body of believers (church).

In addition to weekly Bible class, biblically-integrated curriculum, and numerous mission/service opportunities, students participate in weekly chapel services. At the upper school, high school students have the opportunity to participate in leading chapel worship.


Meet the team of leaders whose passion it is to keep Heritage Christian Academy true to its mission, beliefs and educational model.

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