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Service as a way of life

The gospel not only transforms us inwardly (our souls) and upwardly (our relationship with God), but also outwardly, in our relationships with others. God calls, equips and empowers His people to bless the world by living lives of justice, mercy and goodness. Heritage Christian Academy seeks to partner with God in helping students hear God’s call, be equipped for service, and live in the power of the Holy Spirit.

HCA provides numerous opportunities for our students to reach out to their community and world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. The following are a few we’d like to highlight.

Senior Mission Trip

Each year, Heritage Christian Academy sends their senior class on a mission trip to serve a different community in need of hope and restoration. The mission of these trips is twofold: First and foremost, we aim to spread hope to victims of poverty and natural disaster by showing and telling them the good news of Jesus Christ. Second, these trips expand the spiritual maturity of our students and their empathy for people who are different from them. Our approach is to partner with local churches and mission agencies with an established presence to build on existing relationships. Our students address a variety of needs in the communities they serve through a combination of physical work, hosting vacation Bible study type programs for neighborhood children, and praying for and with neighborhood families. This year’s senior class will be traveling to Puerto Rico from January 5th–11th.

The FarmK

The junior and senior classes, their parents, and many of the HCA staff and other members of the Heritage family work together to host the annual FarmK family fun 5K farm run to raise funds for the mission trip. The FarmK is also an outreach event in its own right, designed to engage the broader community.

Charger Robotics: More Than Robots

HCA’s robotics team does more than build robots for competition. They have also made a big impact in the lives of children with physical disabilities. Their involvement in the Go, Baby Go! Project in partnership with the LEARN Science and Math Club, which you can read about here.

STEM Students Design Creative Solution to Handicapped Classmate’s Problem

Heritage Christian Academy STEM students in our PLTW class undertook a project to serve their classmate Jamie who was born without a left hand. To help her fulfill her dream of learning to play the ukulele, these students designed a special prosthetic pic for Jamie. Watch this video to see their inspiring story.

Urban Christian Academy

Heritage Christian Elementary has established a growing friendship with their peers at Urban Christian Academy, a school that serves underprivileged students in Kansas City’s urban center. In addition to hosting UCA student visits each year, HCA conducts food, clothing and coat drives for their friends at UCA.


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