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Educational Technology

Heritage Christian Academy makes strategic and careful use of technology to enhance learning and equip students for vocation and citizenship in the world they inhabit today as well as the world they will inherit tomorrow. There are two primary motivations behind this commitment:

Technology is the creative activity of using tools to transform God’s creation for practical purposes.

How We Use Technology in the Classroom

In general, our approach is to increase exposure to and reliance upon digital technology as students advance through the grade levels.

Students in kindergarten through third grade meet weekly for computer class in the Media Center (Library). This class acquaints students with the computer so they can learn beginning computer skills. Students use various programs to reinforce classroom skills with projects coordinated with classroom teachers to coincide with current academic study. Computer usage is integrated into classroom work in fourth and fifth grades. iPad carts are available to all classrooms to further integrate 21st century skills into classroom learning.

How We Promote Online Safety

HCA utilizes robust content filtering technologies on student networks at all times to protect students from harmful content while on campus. In addition, students are introduced to digital citizenship concepts.


For questions regarding educational technology, please contact our IT Director to submit a support request.

Digital Citizenship Resources

Technology is a powerful tool that can be both empowering and destructive, depending on how it is used. Stewarding it well requires vigilance and wisdom. We periodically share resources on our blog to help equip parents and caregivers to use digital technology in a safe, constructive and Christ-honoring way.

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Heritage Christian Academy offers After Care for families needing a place for their students after the end of the school day.

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