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Great Teachers = Great Kids!

A school is successful because of its teachers! Average teachers make an average school while great teachers make a great school. The teachers at HCA are truly GREAT because they follow Jesus Christ, love students, and are passionate about the subject(s) they teach. As we settle into the summer routine, please take some time to reflect on your child’s teachers and see if they reflect the following ideals.

The following is borrowed from Dr. Danny Steele, a 6th grade principal in Alabama and a friend/colleague from my undergraduate studies at Covenant College. Some minor edits have been made to the original post, “What Great Teachers Know About KIDS.

It’s about the kids. It’s always about the kids.

Some kids act apathetic. It’s an act. Every kid cares about something… and great teachers try to figure out what it is.

Some kids come to school ready to learn… and some not so much. Great teachers come to school ready to make a difference with all of them.

Kids are much more likely to remember how you taught than what you taught.

Classroom management is not about having the right rules FOR kids… it’s about having the right relationships WITH kids.
Very few kids engaged in a lesson have ever misbehaved. Great teachers know this!

Kids sometimes do stupid stuff in class, but great teachers don’t sweat the shenanigans. They’re too busy teaching and building relationships.

The kids might not remember how much work you put into your class. But they will always remember how much heart you put into your class.

When teachers love their jobs, kids notice. When teachers are counting down the days, kids notice. It turns out, kids notice a lot!

Not all the kids have hope… and great teachers get it. They realize their job is bigger than any lesson plan or standardized test.

Kids don’t usually remember lessons for a long time. But they remember kindness… and humor… and joy. Great teachers have those qualities in spades.

Kids don’t gravitate to subjects… they gravitate to teachers.

Great teachers know that when they show up to work… happy to be there, they’ve significantly increased the likelihood that the students will have a great day.

Before you can win their mind, you generally have to win their heart.

The kids in the school usually know which adults love being there. Kids are perceptive. You can’t fake it.

As a rule of thumb, kids like the teachers who really like them. So it’s kind of important to like the kids.

Some kids are a bright spot in their teacher’s day. And some kids need a teacher to be a bright spot in their day.

Struggling kids don’t make it because they are in the right class. They make it because they have the right teacher.

Some kids are nervous about going to school. Great teachers understand that a smile, a high five, or a quiet conversation can change the trajectory of a kid’s bad day.

Kids are not complicated. They like to feel supported, encouraged, and valued—just as teachers do.

It’s good to know the content. It’s great to know the pedagogy. It’s imperative to know the kids.

The best teachers never forgot what it was like to be a kid.

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