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HCA Alumnus Michael Mitchell Accepted into Praxis Labs Emerging Founders Program

This past Summer, 2014 alumnus Michael Mitchell, was awarded acceptance into the Praxis Labs Emerging Founders program, which according to the program website is a “highly selective… mentorship driven immersion for next generation founders who are serious about building a redemptive venture.” Check out Michael’s bio page at Praxis.

After graduating from Heritage Christian Academy in 2014, Michael Mitchell went on to major in business, economics, and biblical-theological studies at Wheaton College. In 2017, Michael co-founded Restoration Apparel Company, which aims to lift the lives of textile workers and restore dignity to the apparel manufacturing industry.

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An Exemplary Graduate

Michael is a model of the kind of graduate HCA seeks to produce: a person of character who is inspired and equipped to bring the shalom of God to the world through Spirit-led, innovative ministry. At HCA, we believe God calls every believer to minister to the world on His behalf, in His strength, and in faithfulness to His Word. There is virtually no limit to the form and context such ministry may take.

Christ-Centered Vocation

God calls us to Christ-centered excellence in every sector of society. May we have ears to hear His voice and minds that are open to the myriad paths that obedience may take. And may God grant us strength of spirit to follow Christ down whatever path He leads us.

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