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Head of School Update: Built Together, Built for Eternity

Dear HCA Community,

I trust you had a good Lord’s day yesterday — I was blessed. At church, we went through Ephesians 2. Verse 22 wonderfully culminates with what God is doing in our lives and reads, “In him you also are being built together into a dwelling place for God by the Spirit.” There are so many key ideas to unpack here — first, “In him.” In him, by him, and through him … Christ alone. Not because of our own works, but because of his atoning grace. Secondly, “built together.” Not alone. Not in isolation. We are in fact a ‘household’ (v. 19) of brothers and sisters. And the Spirit then dwells in us.

The plans we shared last week to open in class reflect these things. It is our core mission to be built together, be a household, and allow the Spirit to dwell in our presence as we teach and learn. Of course we will do by providing a host of measures and precautions wisely applied given the latest knowledge we have and addressing the specific conditions we face — not only on the first day of school, but through to the last day of school as well. If you/we need to be at home and teach remotely, we will. If our well crafted plans and the conditions allow, then we will be “built together.”

I continue to receive excellent insight and feedback from many of you. Much of it reflects alternative views and approaches which is great. What encourages me is after we talk or exchange letters, in every case so far, we agree on more than we disagree — that the Christian School is a vital resource for a Christian community which wants to be together and exercise gifts across the body of Christ to equip and inspire our children.

Our classes in many cases are full, praise God. There are many who feel orphaned by other schools who are inquiring about us and how we plan to serve them. We will continue to provide more details this week on how we plan to not only be in class but serve those who will, for periods of time, need to be at home. We ask for your continued prayer that in every decision we seek God’s will to foster a household indwelled by the Spirit — in us as Christians and across our school.

In Him,


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