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Hello, HCA!

Dear Charger Family, Welcome to what, for me at least, is a new blog to provide thoughts as well as some updates to you all. The plan is to post an entry here, if not every day, then almost every day. The content will vary across topics that encompass all aspects of Christian education, the start of school, and future plans as we collaboratively determine them. As I hope you saw yesterday, we sent out a notice that we plan to open on-time, in-class at both our schools on August 19. There were aspects of that announcement that need more clarification and more detail. I/We will be communicating those through these blogs, through more emails, and through live zoom calls over the course of the next few days and weeks. The announcement yesterday first acknowledged that if we started school today, we would be observing the Governor’s orders and, across all grades, wearing masks when inside the building. Had the Governor not made that order, given the current condition, we might have made it; but either way it stands. The rest of the announcement then included provisional plans for how we plan to operate the school when conditions improve to the point that the risk, once in a classroom with good atmospherics and appropriate distancing is observed, is much lower and masks might not be needed during the teaching moments. However, if they are required, we are looking at modifying the way we teach to provide more breaks and opportunities where students of all ages can be put in frequent safe environments (outside, larger rooms, etc) to be “mask free” to make sure they are not wearing masks for a lengthy time at any time throughout the day. Finally, for the foreseeable future, whether masks are required or not when they are seated at desks with appropriate distances, masks will be required when students are transitioning from one place to another within the building. This helps limit possible exposure and give us a higher probability that the classroom itself is safe. Sanitation will occur any time students as a whole change rooms. Please understand that our approach is to be seriously cautious and safe, but also to teach in a learning environment that fosters inquiry, peer-to-peer engagement, and allows for all our specials, electives, and co-curricular activities to continue to take place. Yes, some of these might look a little different as to how they are delivered, but we will continue to deliver them. I/We have already received some feedback. Much of it has been supportive, recognizing we are all in this together; in fact, it doesn’t work any other way. Some indicated a desire for more details, and we will, of course, be providing those as we get closer to the start date. As I mentioned, specific details are contingent on the specific conditions, orders, mandates, and the like that might or might not exist in August and future months. So far I have been privileged to meet some families and start the connections essential to our partnership. I can confidently share it is a joy to be working with such a dedicated, talented, Christ-centered team of staff. In spite of the uncertainties that surround us, we press on in confidence in our heavenly Father as we serve, learn, and lead together. May we shine His light as a community above all else. In Him, Rich

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