Heritage Christian Academy

“Let them praise his name with dancing…

For the Lord takes pleasure in his people; he adorns the humble with salvation.” —Psalm 149:3a, 4 (ESV)


Christian Scripture commends dancing as an expression of worship and celebration. In this spirit, HCA offers opportunities for students to learn and express the art of dance through classes and performances.


Dance embraces the art of movement through three different levels of technique and understanding:

Dance I

Dance I introduces the art form and genres (Jazz, Ballet, Tap and Hip Hop) while also presenting historical context, wellness, vocabulary and beginning composition.

Intermediate Dance

Intermediate Dance further emphasizes these areas while advancing technique in these and other styles in an effort to develop well-rounded dancers. Students are immersed in research and training in improvisation, and create their own student choreography in the process.

Advanced Dance

Advanced Dance builds upon the previous two courses to enable aspiring dancers to continue to train and grow in an academic setting. Advanced Dance students train at the highest level and create a piece that will be displayed in our Fine Arts Showcase. 


Dance students perform at the Fall Fine Arts Showcase in December and the Fine Arts Banquet in May.


Interested in theatrical arts? HCA offers an engaging Theatre program with a wide array of opportunities.

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