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Christian Scripture commends art as means of communicating truth in a way that engages the creative faculties of the human mind and spirit. In so doing, art becomes an expression of service to God and humankind. In this spirit, HCA offers opportunities for students to hone their artistic skills while expressing themselves creatively through the performing arts.

Overview of Opportunities

Comedy Troupe

  • Audition-based improv club
  • Gives two performances per year (one per semester)

Repertory Theatre

  • Audition-based class, available to sophomore through senior students, with performances during the year including improv and musical

Drama Club (Kansas Thespian Society)

  • Offers leadership opportunity (club officers)
  • Allows students to attend a festival each year (January) where they can take classes, see shows, and audition for regional or national performances
  • Open to all individuals interested in participating (enrollment in theatre class not required)
  • Meets once every three weeks
  • Learn more at Kansas Thespian Society


  • Fall Musical: November 8–10, 2018 (The Wizard of Oz)
  • Winter Showcase: December 11, 2018
  • Repertory Theatre: March 21–23, 2019 (Queen E: The Reluctant Royal) and April 11–12, 2019 (Improv Show)
  • Spring Play: April 25–26, 2019 (The Princess Bride)
  • Spring Showcase: May 11, 2019

Fine Arts Diploma: Theatre Emphasis

Heritage Christian Academy offers a Fine Arts Diploma track for students wishing to specialize in a particular fine art.

Theatre News


Interested in the visual arts? HCA offers an array of visual art classes in both tangible and digital media.

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