Heritage Christian Academy

Student Life

At Heritage Christian Academy, life outside the classroom is as important as what is taught and learned in class. From life-giving relationships to leadership skills to perspective-widening experiences, student life at HCA is nothing short of life-changing. With Christ and the gospel at the center of this learning community, students have the opportunity to learn what it means to honor Christ in every sphere and aspect of their lives.

In a real and powerful way, HCA helps students bridge the “Sunday–Monday gap” that so many Christians experience.


Expanding on our elementary Culture of Kindness initiative, Heritage Christian Upper School seeks to foster a Culture of Integrity by encouraging truthfulness, moral courage, and accountability for one’s actions in a gracious and merciful manner.


Heritage Christian Academy’s upper school campus—commonly called the west campus—features safe, modern, well-equipped facilities which provide an optimal learning environment for our students.

Clubs & Activities

Heritage Christian Academy offers myriad co-curricular clubs and activities to further enrich the student experience, helping students to live into all that God has created them to be.

Student Leadership

Heritage Christian Academy offers a number of opportunities for upper school students to gain and develop leadership experience.


Heritage Christian Academy employs a full-time college counselor to assist students in preparing for college applications as well as discerning potential options.
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