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Welcome Back! Greetings from Board Chairman

Greetings Heritage family,

On behalf of the HCA School Board welcome or welcome back to all our students, families, teachers and administrators. We hope that you had a refreshing and relaxing summer vacation and are excited to start another year at HCA.

I am continually humbled to see the way that God blesses the ministry at HCA. We take our responsibility to be a trusted partner in the education of your children very seriously. No doubt you’ve heard the three-legged stool analogy that is frequently used to visualize the relationship of family/church/school in the intellectual training and spiritual discipleship of our children. We are honored that you’ve selected HCA to be part of that formation and we commit to do our best to be a strong and reliable leg on the stool. 

As we begin another year at Heritage, it’s interesting to consider how the idea of heritage appears in the Bible. Psalm 127 familiarly tells us, “children are a heritage from the LORD, the fruit of the womb, a reward… Blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them!” Children are our heritage, they carry our traits and characteristics (for better or worse) to the next generation. And, while our feelings about these blessings may wax and wane, we love them intensely and desire that they mature into Godly young men and women. They are our heritage, but more so they are God’s heritage through us. If you search your Bible for heritage, you’ll find many more verses that describe God’s people as his heritage. As often as we sin and misrepresent our Savior, it’s amazing that God associates with us in that way and deposits his Spirit into us as a sign and seal of his love. What a gracious God and Father.

Jenny and I can personally attest to the great blessing that our children received at HCA. This was in no small part due to the great love and commitment of HCA’s teachers and administrators who educated and discipled them. Educated and discipled—that’s the unique and biblical approach to education you will receive at HCA. We know there’s some sacrifice involved in being here, but it’s an investment that pays great dividends for the heritage entrusted to you.

I pray that you have a wonderful school year.   

Blessings in Christ,

Mike Preston
HCA Board Chairman

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